Eighteen months ago my wife was involved in a workplace dispute.

I worked at the same company and was  able to observe and assist her throughout the disciplinary process.

We found the whole procedure extremely stressful, it took over our lives and seemed to go on for ever.

One evening as I was operating the industrial dishwasher and fuming about our dilemma it occurred to me that I should fictionalise the situation if only to reduce my stress level.

Once I started on the process my thoughts began to run away with me and I soon found that I had created a pantomime script.

It then occurred to me that our point-and-click camera had a video facility that  recorded sound.

Next evening after my shift finished I was straight to it and by midnight I had an audio recording of my four-character script.

With help from a tech.savvy relative I ended up with a stack of DVDs ,featuring my audio with a slideshow of unrelated images, and a sheaf of written script.

By this time I was becoming quite intrigued by the possibilities of digital technology and decided to order some fridge magnets and T-shirts featuring my fictional heroine.

At work I was able to attach a large number of fridge magnets to various steel surfaces and distribute dvds and scripts to many colleagues.

This focussed attention on the situation and in our case the management immediately backed off.

Three months later when the long awaited closure of my wife's facility finally happened she was offered redundancy and so was I even though the management had no obligation towards me as my job still existed.

So, did the fiction help or did the management just wait for the inevitable closure to sweep away an irritant?  It's hard to tell.

Our stress levels were very much reduced immediately because we felt that we had actually made our voice heard and had wrested total-control away from the management. Proceedings were no longer happening behind closed doors and under a veil of secrecy.

Less immediately, our fiction protest has led to us setting up this business offering our experience and skills to others to assist and enable them to withstand workplace abuse in any form.

Have us write some fiction to suit your circumstances, apply the fiction as you wish.

We can supply  written,  spoken and  filmed  fictions.